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The hypertext markup language is elaborated with the purpose of the structuring and presenting of the content that is used in the WWW, the distributing document system of the Internet. HTML 5 is the advanced and reconsidered version of the HTML standard that was initially elaborated in 1990; the previous version, the HTML4, was standardized in 1997. The latest version of the HTML that was examined in June 2011, has not been yet completed at that very moment. The main goal of this HTML version developers was to develop the advanced version that can be easily read by the computers and other devices such as browser and parsing and can be exploited by the average users without any difficulties. HTML 5 is to combine the characteristics of the previous HTML versions with the exception of XHTML1 and DOM2HTML (particularly JavaScript).


on Monday, 14 January 2013. Posted in CSS3


TopStyle 5 includes a new style definition for CSS3. This new CSS3 definition is powering many TopStyle features, including the Inspector (Shift+F9), Insight (Ctrl+Space), and Style Checker (F6).CSS3 is great, but not every web browser out there fully supports CSS3 and CSS3 itself has not reached its final release stage. That is why some web browsers require so-called vendor-prefixed properties. The vendor prefixes ensure that there are no clashes with the changing specification and to allow the browser maker to start supporting experimental CSS properties.Of course, keeping up with these vendor-prefixed properties (supporting them, remembering them, etc) is hard. In an ideal world, the web developer should have to focus on standards-compliant CSS properties only.Prefixr to the rescue. Prefixr will filter your (standards-compliant) CSS3 properties and dynamically update them, adding (vendor-prefixed) properties for cross-browser compatibility.

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