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At its most basic level, the Internet involves a simple request and response between the user’s computer (the client-side) and the remote website (the server-side),For instance I defined PHP server side language because the codes are executed in the server. There are other server-side languages such as Java Server Page (JSP), ASP.NET just to mention a few but PHP is about the most popular having been installed in over 20 million domains.PHP was created sometime in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. During mid 1997, PHP development entered the hands of other contributors. Two of them, Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans, rewrote the parser from scratch to create PHP version 3 (PHP3).

The first PHP dibuatoleh RasmusLerdorf in 1995.Pada first he called this script "Personal Home Page Tools" which is the plain language of the programming language C, in which the Personal Home Page tool is able to communicate with the database and is Open Source. At first the Rasmus makes this programming language aimed to store visitors who see the biographical data on Website-nya.PHP/FI is the forerunner of the current PHP. It was a set of PERL scripts are made to create a dynamic web page. Then in 1996 he released PHP version 2.0 which has the ability to access database and can be integrated with HTML. In 1998, exactly on the date of June 6, 1998 out of PHP version 3.0 released by Rasmus himself with a group of software developers .. The latest version, PHP 4.0 is out on May 22, 2000 is a more complete version than the previous version. The most fundamental change in PHP 4.0 is an integrated Zend Engine created by Zend Suraski and Andi Gutmans who is a refinement of PHP scripting engine. The other is the built-in HTTP session, no longer use additional libraries like in PHP. The purpose of this scripting language is to create applications that run on web technologies. In this case, the application will generally give results on the web browser, but the whole process run a web server.

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